How Is It Working?

How do I register to Metbexler?

To become a member of Metbexler, first visit website by using Mobile phone, computer or just download Metbexler from Play Store or Apple Store. Register by clicking “Sign Up” on the Main page. You can subscribe to Metbexler by filling in the form at the bottom of the new page, either via Email or via Social Network.

How to choose food on Metbexler?

To make a meal choice on Metbexler you need to enter the Restaurant Menu or detail page where you can find the menus of the restaurants via the Metbexler website, microsite or mobile applications. You can reach those pages at Metbexler Home Page. On the Restaurant Detail page, you can see the food and other products you can order from that restaurant. You can make your meal choice by clicking on the food you want, then open the Product Detail window and make your selections of options by clicking to “Add Basket” button to add the product to your basket.

How to order food on Metbexler?

To order food, you must first add at least one product to your basket, and the total price of the products in your basket must be at least equal to the Minimum Package Amount level that the restaurant has set for sending to the district. If you provide these two conditions, you can submit your order by confirming your basket by clicking on the “Confirmation” link that you can see under your basket, by selecting the address you want to send in the next step, and then clicking on the “Order “ link. Keep in mind; You can leave a note for your restaurant special requests from the “Order Note” section. If you think there is an error in your order, you can make relevant changes and updates before ordering from our ordering summary page.